It’s been awhile…


Exploring central coast California

It’s been awhile, my friends. Too long in fact! Life and daily obligations have a way of sucking you in and next thing you know….weeks have passed, months have passed, and then years. Don’t think that this blog hasn’t crossed my mind or that I didn’t want to write. Life was just crazy, crazy busy.

Since my last post (November 2013? Really??), I found out I was pregnant, started a new job, vacationed stateside, had the baby, made an international move to the United States, started another new job and got settled in our new home/city/life. I like to think I’m flexible and easy-going but there were moments I wondered if we bit off more than I could handle.

Life has begun to settled down…well as much as life does with an 8-month old who crawls and gets into everything! But I hope to get back into the groove of posting, cooking up some of our favorite foods, recreating food memories from abroad and traveling this beautiful country that is my home!


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